Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (2022)


Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (1)

Everyone can climb at Urban Xtreme! With top rope, lead rope, speed walls and auto-belay, Urban Xtreme has the perfect walls to encourage kids and adults, perfect for beginners to experienced rock climbing enthusiasts.

Looking for thrilling rock wall climbing in Brisbane that is indoors and challenging? We have creative and changeable routes for those climb enthusiasts who readily partake in the thrill of indoor climbing. No matter what your rock climbing experience is, our qualified instructors are always on hand to help you reach new heights.

  • 32 rope climbs
  • 30 lead climbs
  • Queensland’s only 10m speed walls
  • 6 auto-belays – perfect for solo climbers
  • 11m mini Mt Midoriyama rope climb

Get an unlimited Rock Climbing Pass from just $16 or Memberships from $12pw. We even offer indoor rock climbing birthday party packages that Brisbane kids or adults will love. We have great deals for kids rock climbing in Brisbane, adult beginners and for experienced climbers.Participants must be at least 13 years old to belay.

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Rock Climbing

320 square metres of indoor rock climbing walls and over 14 metres of climbing including overhangs. Designed by one of Europe’s leading rock wall designers, our giant naturalistic canvases play host to 32 rope climbs, 30 lead climbs and 6 auto belays, making it an ideal climbing centre for solo climbers or groups alike.

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Speed Climbing

How fast can you scramble up the side of a 10.8m wall? Try conquering your own limits and the speed times of others on the only International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Certified Speed Climb Walls in Queensland!

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Lead Climbing

Xtreme Climb has 30 lead climbs giving experienced lead climbers the ability to climb to new heights.
All lead climbers must do a lead climb assessment with our crew, are required to bring their own rope, padded sit harness, and must be aged 13 years or over to participate.


Indoor rock climbing in North Brisbane is growing in popularity and is booming Australia wide. In 2019, Urban Xtreme hosted the Sport Climbing Queensland Open Lead Titles and returned again in 2021. The indoor rock climbing Brisbane-hosted competition drew hundreds of people to watch some of the best lead climbers in the country as they went through their paces of lead climbing (roped climbing) and bouldering (unroped climbing above mats).

Why Urban Xtreme for truly exciting rock climbing? Xtreme Climb is made for adventure! If you’re already experienced at rock wall climbing in Brisbane – indoor or outdoor – then our Xtreme Climb is perfect to give you a unique experience in a championship competition space.

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Never be bored

We’ve got the most exciting indoor climbing walls in Brisbane. The rock wall climbing routes change weekly!

Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (6)

Room to climb

There’s 320sqm of rock climbing walls to explore with varied difficulty ratings

Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (8)

Vertical challenges

Explore more than 14m of vertical wall to test your strength!


Find out how indoor rock climbing in North Brisbane could change your health and your body shape.

Whatever your age, indoor climbing has a range of physical, mental and social benefits for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a heavy calorie burn or simply looking to have some fun, climbing can give you the best of both worlds.

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All-In-One Workout

Cardio, Strength-Building and Burn Calories. Work on your abs, obliques, biceps, traps, delts, quads, lats and calves all at once. This sport is also uniquely healthy for the amount of energy it demands from your body. At advanced levels, you can burn up to 700 calories an hour, meaning that rock climbing is an excellent way to trim off unwanted fat and become leaner.

Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (10)

Improves Flexibility

The sport requires flexibility as you climb, and adaptability as you spring and reach the handholds and footholds during your climb. Rock climbing is a holistic exercise, meaning it doesn’t only work out your arms and hands. You’ll exercise your legs and core so that you can strengthen every part of your body for increased fitness.

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Reduces Stress & Become Part of A Community

Experience a natural ‘high’ and a sense of exhilaration. Climbing, reaching and leaping raises your norepinephrine levels, a neurotransmitter in your body, and can release you from stress. Indoor rock climbing is also a social activity at its core and you’ll get to practice with others of different skill levels. Those experienced climbers will welcome you and offer helpful tips, and when you get more familiar with the sport, you’ll be able to offer the same support to those who follow in your footsteps.

Indoor Rock Climbing Brisbane (12)

Conquer Your Fears

Combat your fear of heights and a fear of falling in a safe and guided environment. Rock climbing forces you to grow past your comfort zone. Whether you go to the gym regularly, participate in marathons, or haven’t exercised much in the past year, our climbing gym in Brisbane can help you get past where you’d ordinarily stop and find your true limits.

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Urban Xtreme has a tightly controlled set of indoor climbing health and safety procedures that have been approved by the best industry safety specialists available and are based on industry best practices.

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  • 100% Commitment – Urban Xtreme is committed to continual refinement in the pursuit of excellence in health and safety procedures.
  • Experienced Supervision – Urban Xtreme recruits staff that are experienced in the activities of which they are supervising. This ensures that they are equipped with the skills to identify safety concerns before they happen. Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and are tasked with the responsibility of supervising and coaching participants in the safe usage of all activities in the centre.
  • Training & Instruction – Staff provide training and instruction on all activities to ensure guests can fully enjoy the experience and are well equipped with the safety protocols of using all activities safely. We are always looking for new ways to improve our safety briefings to enhance guest awareness and safe usage of equipment.
  • Equipment – carpet and safety matting will keep your feet clean and the dust down.


We strive to be as welcoming as possible to first-timers, so we’ve assembled a few helpful ways to ease the transition when you’re getting started:

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  • Experienced Instructors – our rock climbing centre crew includes experienced instructors who know how to explain everything from basic safety points to the most advanced climbing techniques. We’ll give you a comprehensive tour and show you everything you need to know for your first time climbing.
  • Safety – we use all the recommended safety equipment, including harnesses and ropes. You don’t need to worry about injuring yourself if you lose your grip or being worried about holding the ropes properly; we’ve also got your back with our automatic belaying system.
  • Programs and Classes – looking to learn to lead climb in Brisbane? For those that want to learn more or like structured programs, our coaches have taken the time to design beginner learn to lead climb courses, indoor rock climbing for kids in Brisbane programs, along with teens and adult coaching programs. Our lead courses for rock climbing in Brisbane are indoors and on walls that are simple enough to traverse without much experience. They are challenging enough to improve your climbing skill and technique in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Plenty of Pass Options – 2Hr or Unlimited Rock Climbing Passes available! Check them out on our Passes page or have a look at our Memberships so that you can visit whenever you’d like!


Is your venue suitable for rock climbing for kids?

This is the best venue for indoor rock climbing for kids in Brisbane. When your young ones are shimmying up furniture or have you climbing the walls, then it’s time to book them into some fun, energy-burning, muscle-forming, full-body indoor rock climbing for kids. There is no better way for your budding Spiderman or Spider Woman apprentices to safely build their strength, endurance and stamina with our experienced coaches onsite to guide them through the process. Kickstart your plans to get your children climbing high at Urban Xtreme indoor climbing in Brisbane. Build their skills and confidence with physical challenge, strategy and fun! It’s an awesome activity for kids in a safe, supervised and controlled environment, and most of them are naturally great at it! Learn more about our indoor rock climbing for kids Brisbane classes.

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Absolutely! There are party options for all ages and abilities. With our 10.5m wall, Urban Xtreme is the perfect venue for first timers, advanced and speed climbers. We cater for 10 guests or more. While you sort out the party invitations and the birthday cake, we have the rest of the catering covered. Find out more here.


The main difference is the height, the rope and harnesses. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is lower in height and doesn’t require ropes or harnesses with a crash pad beneath the climber. Top rope and lead rope rock climbing is up to three times higher and involves a rope and protective gear. Our indoor rock climbing on Brisbane’s Northside is the perfect facility for both!



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