Can A Township Tale be played solo? (2023)

Is A Township Tale multiplayer only?

Whilst it's definitely worth exploring some public servers to meet new players and learn more about the game, it is possible to set one up just for yourself and a group of friends if you prefer. I'd never recommend playing A Township Tale solo, but you don't have to play with others if you don't want to.

How many people do you need to play A Township Tale?

What is it?: A VR town-building sim for up to eight players.

Can you play A Township Tale while sitting?

Can you play A Township Tale Sitting Down? Yes! A Township Tale will most likely be played sitting down although you may have some issues with placing items on your belt or pulling items out of the floor. Adjust your height to get the best results and stand if you need to for some things.

How many hours is A Township Tale?

Main Story140h
All PlayStyles2270h

What is the end goal of A Township Tale?

On its face, Township Tale is a game about finding an abandoned town and working together with friends to fix it up and create a functional community. Along the way there's tons to explore and discover.

Is there an end to A Township Tale?

A Township Tale is completely open-ended in its gameplay arc. There's no end and no beginning; you're just thrown into a living, working town with nothing save a few storage slots and an avatar. There are no pop-up messages or cute cartoon sidekicks to show you the ropes.

Are there enemies in A Township Tale?

41.1 there are five hostile creatures, four docile creatures and one passive in the game. Monsters are your main foe in "A Township Tale". Watch out, as you might lose your items, so be sure to stock up on weapons and food!

Is A Township Tale pay to win?

We want you to be able to hang out with friends, meet new people, and have others be able to see what the fuss is about, without needing to pull out their wallet. We want the game to be fair for everyone, not just those with deeper pockets. We HATE pay to win.

Can people steal your stuff in A Township Tale?

As a warning however, a Chest can be opened by any player, so stored items are at risk of being stolen. If a player wants to protect their loot from theft, then they can use the Lockbox found in the Town Hall. Chests regenerate their loot every new day, so they are always ready for Players to take from them.

Can A Township Tale be played without VR?

You can get it without VR, just grab the launcher in our discord - Go to the Store and get it. Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text. Chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

Is A Township Tale like Runescape?

It has best been described as a sort of Runescape VR (for anyone who still plays or remembers that most venerable of graphical MUDS).

Can you have your own server in A Township Tale?

To Create your Server, start by launching up the game and loading into the Menu. From here, simply pull the lever that displays "Create Server". This server will then show up in the "Your Servers" section of the Server Menu. You can then proceed to join.

Can you climb in A Township Tale?

The second checkpoint you reach (with the hand and crystal floating above it) will give you the climbing ability, albeit at a low stamina. The more checkpoints you complete past the second, the more stamina you unlock.

Is there farming in A Township Tale?

The farmer grows and nurtures crops, fending them from critters and growing the village's supply. During trying times, the village will look to the farmer for survival. A good farmer knows best how and when to nurture different produce, and how to ration for surviving a long winter.

What is the max health in A Township Tale?

When this happens, the Player's maximum health will increase by 1 health bar permanently. This is limited to a maximum of 12 fruit, providing a max health of 20 bars(without use of the dashboard to set a Player's health higher).

Can you store a backpack in A Township Tale?

Player Storage

The furthest left and right docks can house small and medium Tools and Weapons, while the middle two can only house stacked items such as Flint or Food Items. However, Players are able to Craft more storage, such as a Backpack and Backpack Attachments.

What's the biggest backpack in A Township Tale?

The Hoarder Bag features 16 slots, but only has a 1x Stack Limit multiplier, unlike other backpacks which have higher multipliers.

What is the best weapon in A Township Tale?

Almost anything can be used as a weapon when in a dire situation but sticking to swords, daggers, axes, hammers, and bows with arrows will make the player more likely to come out of the encounter successfully.

What is the biggest sword in A Township Tale?

As Lucy's blade is the longest in game, it can be used to retrieve items from ponds and other difficult to reach locations.

What is the best ore in A Township Tale?

Copper. Found in the upper levels of the mines (and some places in the Forest), Copper is the best choice for beginner weapons/tools. Every ore vein has a large silver spike extruding from the top, and is the only ore vein to have this distinct feature.

Can you teleport in A Township Tale?

You can move around the world of "A Township Tale" via teleportation, or as update 0.0. 19.0, smooth locomotion using the Valve Index's and Oculus Rift's analog joystick, or the HTC Vive's trackpad.

Is Township tale worth buying?

A Township Tale — Verdict

A Township Tale does a much better job with the tale part than the township part. Offering very natural watercooler moments and genuinely nice social moments, it's a game I can't wait to play more with my friends, even if I have to talk them through its many issues and glitches.

What is the ghost in township tale?

Phantoms are mysterious, ethereal creatures, resembling a deceased townsperson.

Can you make a katana in township tale?

Obtaining. Katanas are primarily found in the Chests within the Camps, though they may also be found within Chests on Cave Structures in the Mines, as well as in various Chests found in the Overworld. A replica of the naturally-spawning Katana can be crafted through the process of Hebios Mould Crafting.

What does salt do in A Township Tale?

Rock salt is a possible garnish used in Cooking. When added to a Stew, it adds 10% more to every Buff a Stew currently has.

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